Pilar interviewing Marvin at Star Studios

Marvin Agustin

Monday 18th Jan

Pilar interviews MarvinIn the end I wasn't able to get very good pictures here.  The 'room' where marvin was interviewed was a tiny area partitioned off from a large office. I was standing by the opening to this area and couldn't move round for better shots without getting in the way of the TV camera.

Marvin was here to sign a new contract with Star Cinema, and we were waiting for what seemed an age before he was available for the interview.  I spend my time looking at a long row of trophies for awards that various movies had won - but none of which I had ever heard of - I guess few of the Philippines' movies ever reach beyond the domestic audience.


A bad shot of Marvin - sorry... :( At least the Plus Patrol camera had a good view...

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Monday 18th Jan

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