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jessa_sb.jpg (28925 bytes) Bakit Pa? - The Movie Monday 18th Jan
Jessa Zaragosa This was my very first experience of attending a press conference. We went to the offices of OctoArts and up to a small room for of journalists. Some of these people were to become familiar faces over the following weeks, turning up at almost every press event going.

There was general chaos and lots of chat going on in the room, and fast food was brought round to everyone in the room (including me - and nice fast food it was too :)

Eventually the stars arrived and sat at the table at the front. There was Jessa, Troy Montero, and the director present.  I didn't manage to get any photographs of them as I'm not used to this sort of thing and left it too late, but as Jessa was interviewed by Pilar for Showbiz Lingo I managed to get a few shots.

The Plus Patrol crew film the Jessa interview

"Bakit Pa? The Movie" is named after a song of Jessa's. The plot revolves around a girl, played by Jessa, who manages to get romantically involved with two people - one in real life and one she meets on the internet from the USA, but neither of these men know about each other. The fun starts when her internet lover makes a business trip to the Philippines, where both her lovers meet up and discover that they're going out with the same girl.Pilar interviews Jessa

Needless to say, parallels were drawn between the plot and with the relationship between me and Pilar ;) Thankfully the press were far more interested in the movie - or at least with the love lives of the stars. over the coming weeks I got used to the fact that the press always show an abnormal interest in the star's love lives.   Although that didn't stop one journalist commenting that the three things people most admired about Jessa were her eyes, her voice, and her "upper front bumper"... ;)

The Showbiz Lingo interview seemed to last for a good 10 minutes (or maybe it just seemed that much), and most interviews seemed to be of comparable length.

However, once they were broadcast these interviews almost invariably became reduced to small soundbites.  This seemed to be huge waste to me, and over the coming weeks I saw a lot of interviews being recorded that never were actually broadcast at all.

Valentine Concert Thursday 4th Feb
Pilar and Jessa Jessa was performing her first   valentine concert this year. A press concert was held at the top floor of an hotel which overlooks the Manila cityscape.

The concert was called "All my Love" (very similar to Zsa Zsa Padilla's concert title this year ;), with guests including Ogie Alcasid, Michael V, and Troy Montero.

This was at the end of my trip, and I wasn't in a great mood to take photos, but I managed to take one of the best of the trip as I snapped Pilar and Jessa together.

SLP taping, ABS-CBN studios

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