Aya Medel

Aya Medel

Tuesday 19th Jan

The shots I took of Aya are probably the worst ones I took. Somehow I just managed to get her in ludicrous poses, so only the least ridiculous is worth displaying. Interviews can take place anywhere. This one took place in the nearest corridor with a bit of space. I guess sometimes the crew just has to make do with what they can find, but it also adds to the sense of being 'on the spot'.

Pilar interviewing Aya Medel - She doesn't look as bad in real life - blame the photographer ;)The interview had to be stopped at one point because some of the lights suddenly went out. I was as puzzled as everyone until I realised that while trying to steady myself against the wall for a shot I accidentally leaned on one of the light switches.  All was going well until a couple of minutes later every single light went out. "It wasn't me this time!" I protested. For whatever reason the power had gone out in the entire building, but it came back on a few minutes later. nobody seemed to be blaming me - maybe they were just thinking it ;)

I didn't know much about Aya except that she was some kind of blue movie star. this appeared to be backed up by the searches I did while looking for URLs for my links page - not a single search result pointed me to anything but sex sites ;)

Pilar interviewing Jojo VelosoI knew even less about her manager Jojo Veloso, but from my trawls on the web he seems to have a reputation for spotting talent among good-looking women.  He seems to have a bad reputation about some things too, but you can find that out for yourself ;)

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